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Working Principle of Spark Plug

2020-04-21 Source:internet

What is the working principle of spark plug?

Spark Plug

Since the advent of the engine, it has not only replaced the most primitive mule power, but also applied to all walks of life. The power it brings pushes people to fly higher and go further. It is one of the greatest inventions in human history.

When the engine is started, hundreds of parts inside the engine cooperate with each other to repeat the four strokes of intake-compression-work-exhaust.

The spark plug plays an important role in the "work" stroke.

When the piston compresses the mixed combustible gas to the top dead center, the pulse (high-voltage electricity) sent by the high-voltage coil penetrates the air between the two electrodes of the spark plug through the connection nut and generates an electric spark, which leads to the mixed gas in the gas cylinder , Thereby forming an explosion to do work.

Long-term explosion work will make the temperature of the spark plug electrode reach about 900 ℃, you can imagine how bad the working environment of the spark plug is.

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