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What Is The Camshaft Sensor?

2020-04-22 Source:Internet

Camshaft crankshaft sensor

Camshaft sensor, also known as cylinder identification sensor, is generally installed in the distributor. If camshaft sensor is not installed in the distributor, it is in front of and behind the camshaft.

When we choose a camshaft sensor, we usually use a Hall-type sensor, which is mainly used to detect the angle position of the camshaft. The engine control module (ECU) uses this signal and the crankshaft sensor to determine the position of the top dead center of a cylinder. This determines the ignition timing and sequential injection of the engine.

The camshaft sensor is faulty, and the fault code shows P00EC—and no camshaft signal is detected. For the P00EC fault, check the camshaft sensor connector. The problem with this camshaft sensor is generally manifested as a high-pressure fire in the car, but it is difficult to start. At the same time, during cranking, there will be a crankshaft reversal phenomenon, there will be a phenomenon of flashback in the intake manifold and the car is idle at an unstable speed, and the jitter is serious, similar to the car lacking cylinder failure. The car is unable to accelerate, the car can't run, the speed is better than 2,500 rpm.

The car will have high fuel consumption, excessive exhaust emissions, and unpleasant black smoke from the exhaust pipe. After the engine fault lamp detects that the camshaft sensor is faulty, it will light the engine fault indicator in time to remind the owner to carry out inspection and maintenance.

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