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Engine cylinder tightness test


There are seven factors that affect the tightness of the cylinder, mainly including cylinder wear, piston ring damage, piston wear, valve seat damage, valve guide tube wear, cylinder gasket damage, valve clearance and other aspects.

What are the commonly used diagnostic methods? It mainly measures the pressure of the cylinder, the blow-by amount of the crankcase, the amount of air leakage and leakage rate of the cylinder, the vacuum degree of the intake pipe, and the vibration measurement of the abnormal noise caused by the excessive wear of the cylinder piston group. The wear metal in the crankcase is the particle content Of determination.

For the measurement of cylinder compression pressure, it is mainly the pressure at the end of four-stroke engine compression. Due to factors such as the pressure of the cylinder, the viscosity of the engine oil, and the cylinder piston group, whether the adjustment of the valve train is correct, the tightness of the cylinder gasket, etc., when measuring the pressure of the engine cylinder, the cylinder piston group can be diagnosed If the sealing performance of the piston ring, valve and cylinder gasket is good, the valve clearance must be appropriate.、

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