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Lifter switch replacement tutorial

The glass lift switch is one of the more frequently used buttons on the car, and it is prone to decrease in sensitivity or failure after a long time. It is not difficult to replace the glass lift switch. Many car owners purchase the switch online and then replace it themselves. This saves the trouble of running maintenance points and the possibility of being slaughtered. If you also want to replace the glass lift switch yourself, you may wish to refer to the following tutorial.
Before replacing the glass lift switch, you need to prepare a few tools: trim pry (or flat but not sharp tool), small cross knife, new lifter switch. When replacing, the ignition switch should be OFF.

1. Open the door on the side where the switch needs to be replaced. The trim panel at the glass lift switch of most models is made of plastic. Carefully observe the gap between the trim panel and the door panel to find the gap.

2. Plug the trim board or flat tool into the gap to tilt the trim board, and then slowly remove the trim board along the gap.

3. Pick up the trim panel and unplug the lift switch.

4. Turn the trim panel upside down, and you can see that the switch is fixed by a number of small cross screws. Unscrew the screw to remove the lift switch.

5. Replace the new lifting switch, tighten the screw and plug in. At this time, the lifting test should be carried out first, and then the trim panel should be fitted back after confirming that the switch is normal.

Note: Because the decorative plate at the lift switch is made of plastic, it is easy to break the plastic by removing it with a hard tool such as a flat knife. You can wrap your head with a soft cloth.
If you can't find the gap to pry, start prying in these inconspicuous places in front of the trim. First use a flat tool to insert a large gap in the gap, and then use a special tool to disassemble it.
Because of the different designs, not all models are disassembled in this way. Some may use screws to fix the switch trim. The door panel needs to be disassembled to continue disassembly.
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