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Beware of hidden dangers, the spark plug in your car should have been replaced!


Compared with the common parts in maintenance such as engine oil, machine filter and air filter, spark plugs are rarely mentioned but they are critical. If the maintenance is not timely, it may cause symptoms such as increased fuel consumption, weak power performance, and engine jitter due to poor ignition. When the spark plug is damaged, the engine is scrapped in advance. Therefore, the spark plug must be replaced regularly.


Next, let's talk about how to judge the replacement cycle of spark plugs!


Depending on the material or type of spark plug, the recommended mileage varies. In addition, the life of the spark plug will be different due to factors such as driving road conditions, gasoline quality, and driving habits.


In general:

·The life span of ordinary spark plugs is about 20,000 kilometers;

·The life of platinum spark plug is about 40,000 kilometers;

·Iridium spark plug life can reach 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers

Once again, the owner of the car will ask the staff to check it during maintenance and determine whether it needs to be replaced according to the actual situation.

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