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Camshaft position sensor you do not understand


The camshaft position sensor is called the engine speed and crank angle sensor. Its function is to collect the crankshaft rotation angle and the engine speed signal and input it to the ECU to determine the ignition time and fuel injection time. It is the direct ignition phase input signal. That is, the specific stroke (intake, compression, work, exhaust) of each cylinder is located by the camshaft sensor, and finally ignites at the end of the compression stroke.

 Camshaft position sensor

If the camshaft position sensor is broken, what are the malfunctions of the car?

1. The car has a high-pressure fire, but the starting time is long, and the car can finally run.


2. During the starting process, the crankshaft will reverse, and the intake manifold will be tempered.


3. The car is unstable at idle speed and severely shakes, similar to the lack of cylinders in cars.


4. The car is unable to accelerate, the car can't run, the speed is better than 2500 rpm.


5. The car will have high fuel consumption, excessive exhaust emissions, and unpleasant black smoke from the exhaust pipe.


6. After the engine fault light detects that the sensor is faulty, it will light up the fault indicator to remind the owner to carry out inspection and maintenance.

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