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There are the following three situations, indicating that the brake pads have to be replaced!


Car maintenance is a major expense for car owners. The quality of the brakes has a great influence on the normal use of the car. However, what is the best time to replace the brake pads? The answer given by many 4S stores is that the car needs to be replaced after running 30,000 kilometers. is this correct? Everyone knows that brake pads are very important, but how often are they safe to replace?


In fact, whether to replace the brake pads of the car is not very related to mileage. It is mainly related to the driving habits of the car owner and the road conditions of the car. If the owner often walks on mud and sand, the service life of the brake pads will be shorter.

 the brake pads

Therefore, when will the brake pads be replaced? In fact, the owner can decide whether to replace it by the following methods.

First, listen to the sound of the car when braking. Once the owner hears the friction between the iron and the wire when lightly pressing the brake, the car's brake pads need to be replaced. If the brake pads are not replaced in time, it is easy to cause traffic accidents due to brake failure.


Second, the owner can check the thickness of the brake pads. Because the brake pads have a certain thickness, when we rub the brakes, the thickness of the brake pads becomes thinner. The owner can observe the thickness of the brake pads. In general, the thickness of new brake pads is generally 15 mm. If the thickness of the brake pad is only one-third, in other words, 5 mm, then there is no doubt that the brake pad needs to be replaced. In addition, due to the relative friction relationship between the brake pads and the brake discs, when the brake pads are severely worn, we should also check in time whether the brake discs are also severely worn.


The third point may be more difficult for some car owners, who need to rely on their own feeling, that is, the feeling of the brake foot, which is what many experienced drivers do. Because the brake pads are used for a long time, the owner will feel that the car reacts slowly after stepping on the brake system, and the force of applying the brakes is relatively light. This is because the brake pads have become thinner after the car has been used for a long time. At this time, the brake pads must be replaced in time.

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