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Two minutes, teach you to judge the brake status of your car!


Braking is one of the important indicators of driving safety performance, and daily driving brake inspection is also very important. Everyday, everyone judges their brake status based on the brake pad wear warning light and the hand brake light. Today I will talk to you about the brake warning light and how to quickly determine the brake state.


There are two types of brake pad sensors, one is hidden in the brake pads, that is to say, the induction line and the brake pads are integrated. There is also a brake pad and a sensor line that are separate. If the brake pad is replaced before the alarm, there is no need to replace the sensor line. If the brake pad is worn to the position of the sensor line and the brake pad warning light is triggered, then the replacement must be At the same time replace the induction wire.

 brake pad

Some vehicles do not have a brake pad sensor, but most brake pads have their own "sound alarm", which means that you will hear a "sizzle" sound when you tap the brake, which is the kind of iron and iron rubbing sound. , Then it is necessary to consider replacing the brake pads. At this time, it is very likely that the brake pads have reached the limit of wear.


At this time, many people will ask how far the brake pads can run after the alarm. This question really has no fixed saying, because everyone’s driving habits are different, even if two different people drive the same car. Brake pad replacement mileage will also have a relatively large deviation, so after the alarm, try to repair the nearby maintenance point.

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