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Definition of spark plug


The spark plug is an important component of the ignition system of the gasoline engine. It can introduce high-voltage electricity into the combustion chamber and cause it to skip the electrode gap to generate sparks, thereby igniting the combustible mixture in the cylinder. It is mainly composed of wiring nut, insulator, wiring screw, center electrode, side electrode and shell. The side electrode is welded on the shell.

The spark plug, commonly known as the burner, has the function of discharging the pulsed high-voltage electricity sent from the high-voltage wire (flame nozzle line), puncturing the air between the two electrodes of the spark plug, generating an electric spark to ignite the mixed gas in the cylinder. The main types are: quasi-type spark plugs, edge protruding spark plugs, electrode spark plugs, seat spark plugs, pole spark plugs, surface spark plugs, etc.

The spark plug is installed on the side or top of the engine. The early spark plug was connected to the distributor by the cylinder line. In the past ten years, the engine on the car has basically been changed to the ignition coil and the spark plug are directly connected. The working voltage of the spark plug is at least 10000V, and the high-voltage electricity is generated by the ignition coil from 12V electricity, and then transmitted to the spark plug.

Spark Plug

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