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Gas discharge lamp


The gas discharge lamp is abbreviated as HID, which uses high-voltage electricity to break down the inert gas in the bulb to glow. At present, there are four models of D1S, D1R, D2S and D2R, whose power is 35W, luminous flux is 2800~3200lm, luminous efficiency is 80~91lm/W; working voltage is 85V, starting voltage is 30kV, service life can reach 3000 hours. The light color is close to daylight; the low illumination near the vehicle point reduces the dazzling effect of the driver, especially in wet conditions on the ground; the high illumination is helpful to identify obstacles in time, the lighting range is large, and the bright area is brighter; the light output is stable and energy-saving (35W, 85kV ); The disadvantage is that the working voltage is high and a voltage boosting system is required. The headlamps that used HID bulbs in mass production for the first time were free-form reflector headlamps for Mercedes-Benz E-class cars, which were subsequently applied to lens group-type headlamps for BMW 5 series cars, which are now also applied to Daimler —Models produced by automakers such as Chrysler, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, GM and Ford.

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