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The function and working principle of the window shaker switch

The so-called window shaker switch is to use a servo motor to drive the glass up and down, which replaces the traditional swinging handle to lift the glass. Make the lifting of the glass portable, comfortable and automatic.

As we all know, every door of every car is equipped with a window switch button. Press the glass upwards to rise, and downwards to drop the glass. Some switches can also be moved, that is, they can rise or fall continuously with one tap. This function is more useful when paying tolls. There is a master switch on the driver's door, which can remotely control the lifting of each door glass, and also close the glass lifting mechanism of the entire vehicle.
working principle:
The lifting structure is the core component of the window system. Window Lifts Most car window lifts use very flexible linkages to lift the window glass while keeping it level. Connect a small electric motor to a worm gear and several other spur gears to produce a larger gear reduction ratio, which provides enough torque to lift the windows. An important function of power windows is that they cannot be forced to open-the worm gear in the transmission structure supports this function. Due to the contact angle between the worm and the gear, many worm gears have a self-locking function. The worm can rotate the gear, but the gear cannot rotate the worm, and the friction between the teeth causes the gears to join. The connecting rod has a long arm that is connected to a rod supporting the bottom of the window. The end of the arm can slide into the groove of the lever when the window is raised. At the other end of the rod is a large disk with gear teeth engraved on it, and a motor can rotate the gears that engage with these teeth. Cars with manual windows usually use the same linkage, but instead of the motor turning the gear, the rocker handle turns the gear.
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