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The function of the window shaker switch

●Automatic lift-automatic lowering function is very common in cars equipped with electric windows. Lightly press and release the lowering switch, the window will keep lowering. The circuit used by this function can monitor the time the switch is pressed. If the switch is pressed for less than half a second, the window will drop until it hits the limit switch.

If you press the switch for more than half a second, the window will stop lowering when you release the button. Automatic raising windows are not common. The problem with automatically raising windows is that if anything blocks the movement of the windows (such as children), the windows must be stopped, otherwise the children will be injured. One way for automakers to control the force of the windows is to design a circuit that monitors the speed of the motor. If the speed slows down, the circuit will reverse the electrical energy to the motor, so the window will drop.

●Outside the car window control--In Volkswagen’s TV commercials, you will see that you can lower the window by inserting the car key into the driver’s door, turning and holding the car key. This function is controlled by the driver's door module, which can monitor the door lock switch. If the time to turn the car key exceeds the set time, the driver's door module will lower the window.

●Some cars will continue to provide power to the window circuit after the flame is turned off. If you forget to roll the window, you do not need to plug the car key back into the ignition switch if you have this function. The power window circuit will be equipped with electrical relays on the wires. On some cars, the body controller will extend the time the relay stays off by about a minute.
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